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Building a Bridge to Spain

By Patricia L. Fitzgerald

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting with the offices IFS Neutral Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, Troy’s newest and quickly growing business partnership in Spain.

Taking time out of the usual business day in our electronic world of communications…texting, emails, skipe and hurried business phone calls, a tremendous value is had in the “old fashion” face to face understanding of your business partner.

On arrival I was greeted by Virginia Prado, the Director of Bilbao Spain, whom arranged to have me attend, along with 25,000 other spectators, Spain’s cultural event of bullfighting. Her years of understanding and passion of the event was most enlightening. I appreciate the time and care she took to welcome me into their country.

Next I was fortunate to meet with Director of IFS Madrid, Angel Goni and his supporting staff. They had prepared many questions and we sat together discussing daily business operations opening doors of understanding between our two companies. Afterwards Angel and I took the time to visit with several existing clients whom showed their confidence in Troy/IFS’s services, holding great promise of our growth together.
Spain 4
Above: Patricia L. Fitzgerald, Troy’s COO of Exports, visits with the IFS Neutral Madrid Office during her recent visit to Spain.

A quick train ride was to follow to be greeted by IFS Valencia. Their office was gracious and inviting as I meet with each of the staff members and President Jose (Pepe) Quilis Planells. Through the day filled with one- on- one meetings I couldn’t help but notice the similarities Troy had with our new business partner. Each office Troy/IFS operating 27 years serving the transportation industry, privately owned began with dedication and strong leadership. The employees drive for client customer care and growth in the market was the common thread evident in each meeting.
Spain 3
Above: Troy’s COO of Exports, Patricia L. Fitzgerald, had the pleasure of visiting with IFS Neutral’s Valencia office, one of our newest and quickly growing partnerships in Spain.

Lastly I ventured to IFS Barcelona, located at the seaport most used for our mutual consolidation services. The enthusiasm of IFS’s hard work and dedication to their customers was once again visible both while in their office and meetings with our mutual clients. It was most evident in conclusion of this trip that this agent partnership is a perfect match for Troy USA. Working together there is unlimited potential of growth, with the emphasis clearly focused on meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Spain 2