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Get Ready to Explore the World…In Just One Suitcase

Carry On: 

Avoid waiting at baggage claim or losing a bag by purchasing one great carry-on suitcase for travel. Use these other great tips from Troy Container Line to help make traveling easier!

  • Tip #1: Look up the airline carry-on size dimensions & write it down before you go purchase a carry-on size roller bag. This will help you avoid purchasing a bag that may be, even an 1/2-inch, too big. 
  • Tip #2: While you are looking to make your purchase, be sure to inspect the bag. Look at its compartments and how big does it expand to (if needed) and does that expanded height/width stay with-in the size restrictions? 

Pack Smart & Simple: 

It’s so easy to overpack and get to your destination to only find out you brought a whole lot of nothing; even worse is when you under pack. Whether you are traveling for a 4-day business trip, or a 10-day European adventure, packing rules remain the same – Keep. It. Simple. And plan ahead! 

  • Tip #1: Plan ahead!: Just like your mom told you when you were a kid, pick your outfit out the night before, and suddenly it’s a whole lot easier to get ready and feel good about yourself the next day. The same rules apply while packing before travel. Think about what you have to do, or don’t have to do. If your trip is focused around business, how many meetings and dinners do you have to attend? If your travel is for pleasure, will you be spending most of your time on the beach in a bathing suit, or in sneakers walking around a city? All of these small questions allow you to curate your packing list to accommodate your itinerary. 
  • Tip #2: Go back to basics & keep it neutral. Staple pieces in your wardrobe are your best friend. They are easy to mix and match and allow you to bring less clothing without eliminating a variety of ensembles. Think of how you can mix-and-match staple items that allow you to transition from day to night with only the change of a pant or shoe. Packing in neutral tones makes it easier to achieve this as well. Black, white, navy and khaki are all great examples of interchangeable neutral tones. Items one may choose to bring that are so easily mixed-and-matched to achieve multiple looks include: basic pair of denim jeans, tailored black trousers, classic chinos, a nice basic t-shirt(s), tailored blazer (perfect for business meeting or to dress up jeans and a t-shirt) and a stripe button down shirt. Add pops of color through accessorizing. This can be done through a belt, pair of shoes or cufflinks and jewelry; a printed scarf is also a great item to bring (so many uses)!