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We Have Our Sights Set on South America This Fall!

The Day of the Gaucho celebrates a legendary figure of Argentine society. The lore of the gaucho began during the Argentine War of Independence in the early 1800s and carries through to today. Much like that of the American cowboy, gauchos were known for their rebellious nature, ability to track livestock and tame wild horses, and also for their fashion. Loose fitting trousers, a faton, or a large knife, and a wool poncho are just some key elements of gaucho style. First established in 1939, The Day of the Gaucho is celebrated yearly in Argentina and includes rodeos and parades that draw thousands of people to celebrate gaucho traditions.

We have our sights set on South America this fall! Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru are all in the palm of your hand when you utilize Troy Container Line’s personalized services when importing or exporting from South America.

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