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International Celebrations

Here at Troy Container Line we are dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized customer service to every client. The following international celebrations and / or holidays may affect your cargo’s arrival date.

January 31st-February 17th Venice, Italy: Carnival Venice

February 14th-17th Rio De Janeiro, Brazil :  Rio Carnival

February 15th-23rd Vietnam : Vietnamese New Year

February 16th-17th Argentina : Gualeguaychú Carnival

Feb 17th- 20th Malaysia : Chinese New Year

February 17th-24th China : Chinese Spring Festival & Lunar New Year

February 18th-20th South Korea  : Lunar New Year

February18th-23rd Taiwan : Chinese Lunar New Year

February 19th-22nd Hong Kong : Lunar New year

February 19th-21st Thailand : Chinese New Year

February 19th-20th Singapore : Chinese Lunar New Year

March 2-10th India : Holi

March 14-17th Dublin, Ireland : St. Patrick’s Day