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Journey on the Sea of Japan!

A marginal sea of the western Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan touches Japan and the Sakhalin Island to the east and Russia and Korea to the west. This body of water, also known as the East Sea, is a classic semi-enclosed sea, with water flow restricted by several narrow straights including the Tsugaru Strait, Tsushima Strait and Korea Strait.

While trade across the Sea of Japan is moderate compared nearby waterways, the majority of freight that journeys the Sea of Japan is heading to Russia!

Luckily, the team at Troy Container Line is ready to venture to the Far East with you! Whether Korea, Russia or Japan is your point of origin or your final destination, Troy Container Line has all of your importing and exporting logistical needs covered.

Visit http://troylines.com/contact/ to connect with a Troy Container Line representative today!