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Winter Solstice Festival Celebration

While we are gearing up for the wintertime holidays here in the U.S., on the other side of the world in East Asia, they are getting ready for the Dongzhi Festival held each year in December. Dongzhi literally means “the extreme of winter” and is celebrated by many countries, including Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. This festival began during the Han Dynasty, from 202 BC – 220 AD, and started as a farmer’s celebration of the end-of-the-year harvest to recognize the Yin and Yang philosophy of harmony and balance. At the time of the winter solstice, the force of Yin is thought to be giving way to the force of Yang. The Dongzhi festival is meant to mark this shift and is believed to be quite an auspicious event. Among the festival’s traditions is the serving of the colorful rice flour ball known as Tangyuan. The round shape of the rice ball is meant to symbolize family unity and harmony and promote prosperity in the coming year.

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