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Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipping is the solution you have been searching for to solve your logistics dilemma!

Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipping services provide the solutions you have been searching for to solve your logistical dilemmas! If you don’t have enough cargo for a full container, book your cargo on a Troy Container Line LCL shipment; just pay for the space required to ship the goods you have to move.

With an LCL shipment, you pay for what you ship. Whether it be household goods or commercial cargo, LCL cargo shipping is ready to move whatever you have. 

Need information on how to get your LCL cargo moving or how LCL shipping works? Do not fret! Our How-To guides, located in the TOOLS tab of Troy Container Line website, provide step-by-step directions for obtaining an LCL shipping quote, booking an LCL shipment, printing and proofing your LCL Bill of Lading, tracking your LCL shipment from start to finish and much more!

The experienced customer service team at Troy Container Line is ready to chart your LCL cargo’s course around the world. Take advantage of our worldwide import and export services to and from Asia, Europe, India, Middle East and South America. Call 1.800.331.0058 to learn more about connecting your LCL cargo to its final destination. 

Things to Look For in a Company Before You Book Your LCL Cargo:

  1. Is the company well established?
  2. Does the company provide online booking services? 
  3. Check on CFS receiving station options. 
  4. Is door pick-up or delivery available?