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How to Print LCL Proofs

This online tool makes completing your international cargo booking simple. Obtain your LCL proof at anytime when you follow the online instructions provide below! 

All registered users can view, print and download their bills of lading Proofs from the Troy Container Line website by following the simple procedure outlined below. Please note that only those bills of lading proofs created from the time of registration are available for viewing and downloading.

1) Log-In to the Troy Container line website just as you would for quotes and bookings. From your browser, enter www.troylines.com. From the landing page, log in to the system by providing your email and password in the space provided.

2) Next, click on the “EXPORTS” and then the “LCL” elements to navigate to the LCL Export page, just as

you would to obtain a quote or make a booking.

3) Click on the “BOOKING” element. The LCL Booking page will be displayed.

4) Click on the “VIEW BOL PROOFS” element. 

5) Enter the booking or house bill of lading number for the bill of lading proof you require by entering a search pattern in the search box. You can also scroll through the list available bills of lading. Select the bill you want by clicking on the “VIEW BOL PROOFS” element.

6) You will then see the bill of lading proof as an Adobe PDF document. You can view the document as any .pdf document. To print the document, click the “print” icon in the adobe menu bar. To download the document, click the “download” icon and specify the location to store the document on your network. When finished with the document, close the pdf window and you will be returned to the Bills of Lading Proofs selection page on the Troy Container Line website. When you are completely finished with this function, click the webpage back-arrow or select one the items on the menu.

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