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Set Your Cargo on its Course to the South China Sea

Bordering the Southeast Asian mainland, the South China Sea is bound by the Taiwan Strait in the northeast, Borneo to the southeast, and the east coast of the Malay Peninsula to the southwest. With the Luzon Strait connecting to the east of the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca connecting with the sea to its west, the South China Sea provides a direct line between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Oil and minerals normally travel north while food and manufactured goods travel south.

Due to nutritious water run-off, this body of water is rich in marine life. The vast majority of fish caught within the South China Sea are consumed by locals almost immediately after being brought into the dock.

Bangkok, Cambodia, the Gulf of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam are just through the straight when Troy Container Line sets your cargo on its course.

Visit our lcl shipping page to learn more about exporting to Southeast Asia! Looking for import services? Troy Container Line’s Import Team is excited to announce a new enhanced direct LCL import solution from Port Kelang to NYC. Visit our import services page to learn more about this newly updated service.
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