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Whale Watching in the Southern Ocean!

The Southern Ocean, also called the Antarctic Ocean, consists of the southern portions of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, in addition to their respective tributary seas which surround Antarctica.

The Southern Ocean owes its reputation as the world’s roughest ocean to one simple accident of geography; it is the only stretch of water that completely circles the globe. The prevailing westerly wind blows uninterrupted around the world which allows for large sea swells and weather that can change on a dime. This region of the Antarctic, between 40º to 50º latitude, is referred to as the roaring forties, and between 50º to 60º latitude south the screaming fifties.

What makes this body of water unique is its complex currents.  A combination of water cooled by the area’s frigid temperatures and warmer water flowing south from the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet to create the Antarctic Convergence.  An ecological benefit to this geographic meeting point is the development of phytoplankton, which is a significant source of food for whales.  These gentle giants call the Southern Ocean home along with penguins, seals and an estimated 9,000 other species including microbes and sea spiders.     

A notable element to this body of water is The Drake Passage.  The meeting point between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, this passage is the Southern Ocean’s narrowest constriction at 600 miles wide between the tip of South America and the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. This passage is an essential route in the international shipping industry, and a notable component to this intricate and diverse ocean.

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