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Troy Container Line Introduced Microlending Into Charitable Giving Program

RED BANK, NJ (April 16, 2012) Troy Container Line, one of the world’s largest NVOCCs, today announced a new micro-lending initiative that is an integral part of the company’s already strong corporate giving program.   Under the guidance of Troy Container Line chairman and founder Michael Cadden Troy and Jennifer Troy, the international shipping company is allocating a portion of its revenues to fund interest-free microloans through the non-profit organization Kiva. 

 Troy Container Line’s microloans aim to support an ever-growing global entrepreneurship movement.  Through Kiva, the NVOCC will provide much-needed financial assistance to individuals all over the world who are often overlooked by traditional lending institutions. 

 “Troy Container Line is excited to align itself with Kiva.  Its micro-lending model is business savvy and results-driven.  We hope our contributions will inspire entrepreneurs in emerging markets to achieve their goals, both personally and professionally,” commented Michael Cadden Troy.

 Through Kiva, Troy Container Line is able to select loan beneficiaries and agree to a timeline for loan repayment.  Attracted to the model’s ability to maximize impact, Troy Container Line’s loan funds can be repurposed for future lending. 

 To learn more about Troy Container Line and its micro-loan program, please visit www.TroyLines.com or call 1-800-331-0058.  For more information about Kiva, please visit www.Kiva.org