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As all of you should be aware, effective September 30, 2008, the AES Pre-filing regulation will go into enforcement. With this, customers will either have to supply an ITN number, AES port-departure citation or AES exemption or exclusion legend prior to cargo loading to a vessel. In addition, final bill of lading instructions must be received by Hyundai by vessel sailing or penalties will be assessed due to the failure for Hyundai to submit a completed manifest to U.S. Customs as per the 19 CFR 4.75 within 4 days of vessel sailing. As announced in January 2007, Hyundai exercised its right to add these customs penalty fees to the bill of lading as per our tariff rule HDMU-046 Rule 2-27 item C at $50/day until receipt of bill of lading instructions. Taking this into consideration and the planned monetary increase of these penalties by U.S. Customs ranging from $1,100 for the first violations to $10,000 per violation thereafter, Hyundai will increase the per day CUL charge effective as follows: Current: $50/Day Until Receipt Effective October 22, 2008: $150/Day Until Receipt Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your local Hyundai Representative or one of our Regional Customer Service Centers in Phoenix, Chicago, or Charlotte.


As you know, effective October 1, 2008 all U.S. Principal Party in Interests (Exporter) and authorized agents (Forwarders) must file their Shipper’s Export Declarations (SED) electronically via the Automated Export System (AES) 24 hours prior to cargo loading.


The Carriers are not to load any cargo without the ITN, the AES post-departure statement or the AES exemption statement.


In order for Hyundai to meet U.S. Customs requirements, we have established a documentation cut off time of “24 hours prior to CY cargo cut off”. This date is subject to change based on the review of terminal operations after implementation.


Please submit your proof of filing AES ITN citation, AES post-departure statement or the AES exemption or exclusion legend statement inclusive of the a) USPPI and/or authorized agent Name, b) Booking number, and c) Vessel/voyage details so that we may confirm the cargo booked against our records. We will accept this information via Email or Fax and multiple bookings may be applied on one form.


Please bear in mind that you will still be required to submit complete and accurate Shipping Instructions prior to the vessel departure or Hyundai will continue to apply the full CUL (Customs Penalty Fees) charge to the B/L.


Please be advised, if the proof of filing citation or statement is NOT received by Hyundai by the documentation cut off, all bookings with cargo on dock will be assessed the below charges which will be applied to the B/L. In addition, any storage charges incurred after the free time expires will be re-billed separately.


Administration Fee: $200.00 per B/L (B/L charge code ADA)
Container Shifting/Mounting Fee: $150.00 per container (B/L charge code SMC).


Please find below Government Agency Websites for your easy reference and inquiries regarding the new export regulations.



Government Agency Websites


AES Direct

Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade Regulations


If you have any questions regarding HMM requirements, schedule and fees, please contact your Sales Representative or the nearest Regional Customer Service Center in your area.