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Hazmat Advisory

HAZMAT ADVISORY   Due to an increase in reported hazmat Maritime incidents, severe fines by ocean carriers ranging from $15,000 to $35,000 per container have

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USA LCL Advisory: VGM, Chassis, and Port Congestion

Over the past months, the USA market has experienced extreme congestion both at the ports/terminals, and also with equipment and availability of providers in the domestic market. Troy Container Line continues to do our best to minimize the impacts on the business moving. Click the link below to hear more about how we are addressing the costs associated with operating the LCL business in these markets.

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LCL Export Advisory: ERF/CFS Storage Update

Earlier this year, we implemented several rate adjustments to address the unprecedented import volumes and the rising import costs. At that time, we opted to take a “wait and see” approach on the export side of our business. While this approach has allowed us to delay export rate adjustments to this point, the worsening dwell times, inconsistent vessel schedules, last minute vessel departure cancellations, and equipment shortages, now dictate that an export rate adjustment must be made. 

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