Mediterranean Shipping Company

TROY CONTAINER LINES reminds all shippers that, since July 2, 2008 the U.S. Census Bureau & Custom Border Protection requires mandatory filing of export information prior to vessel departure through the Automated Export System (AES) for all shipments.

The regulations call for the export information to be filed in AES according to specific timeframe, and it is now fully implemented with effective date September 30th, 2008.


The shipper or its authorized agent will be required to provide to the exporting carrier AES ITN or exemption legend prior to exporting at scheduled port where the cargo is loaded. Failure to provide to the carrier the AES ITN or exemption legend would result in the inability by the carrier to load the cargo onto the assigned vessel. In the event any cargo is loaded without the mandatory filing, a fine of US$10,000 per Bill of Lading is assessed by U.S. Census Bureau & Custom Border Protection.


Mediterranean Shipping Company wants to make sure that our supporters are aware:


A. to file and provide information in accordance with the U.S. Census Bureau & Custom Border Protection;


B. to pass the information to the carrier in due time and in line with the cargo s receiving policy, and the documentation cut-off implemented by the same;


C. that cargo will NOT be loaded and roll due to non compliance, and that same would be subject to roll-over fee; late documentation fee; demurrage; storage; re-handling; and any charge assessed by the terminal and the carrier in line with their published tariff.


Mediterranean Shipping Company will operate under the following guidelines:


A. it would be mandatory to receive master bill of lading with AES ITN or exemption legend by minimum 2 days before vessel’s arrival. The deadline for the receipt of the master & AES would be 12:00 noon, local time of the office of pertinence and receipt. The instructions to where to send the information are posted on the booking confirmation. We kindly request to review these instructions and make sure are properly followed and understood;


B. upon deadline, the carrier will instruct the terminal operators to remove from the load list all units for which NO documents were received, and apply all charges related to this operation.


Mediterranean Shipping Company reminds all shippers how important it is to provide the carriers with correct and timely information, and obey by the guidelines as instructed.


Mediterranean Shipping Company also informs their customers that Maher Terminal (New York) has decided, with immediate effect, to implement a re-handling fee of $425/PC during normal working hours, and $550/PC during overtime hours.