USA LCL Advisory: VGM, Chassis, and Port Congestion

Over the past months, the USA market has experienced extreme congestion both at the ports/terminals, and also with equipment and availability of providers in the domestic market. Troy Container Line continues to do our best to minimize the impacts on the business moving. To address the costs associated with operating the LCL business in these markets, we will be implementing below adjustments on charges effective September 6th:

LCL Export


VGM Fee (Revised) = $10


Congestion Surcharge:


  • USEC Origins: $5w/m min $5
  • US Midwest Origins: $10w/m min $10
  • USWC Origins: $8w/m min $8


LCL Import


Chassis (Revised): $5w/m min $10


Congestion Surcharge:


  • All destinations to / via New York and Atlanta: $6w/m min $10
  • All destination to / via Chicago: $10w/m min $10
  • All destinations to / via USWC ports: $10w/m min $10
  • The minimum loading charge in NY will increase from $60 to $80 (per 100lb rate will remain the same, only minimum changing)