Zim Integrated Shipping Services

In order to comply with U.S. Census Bureau / U.S. Customs regulations governing the use of the Automated Export System (AES) pre-filing for U.S. Export cargo documentation, Zim must employ a strict “No Doc No Load” policy which includes a Late Documentation Fee.


Complete Shipping instructions (B/L’s) including ITN Number (or exemption statement) must be submitted to Zim no later than 12:00PM (Noon EST) on the date of cut off as indicated on the Zim booking confirmation. For reference purposes please note that documentation cut off is generally two (2) working days prior to scheduled vessel arrival. In case of vessels scheduled to arrive on weekend days (Saturday / Sunday) the documentation cut off is on the preceding Thursday no later than 12:00PM (Noon EST).


The late documentation fee is $200.00 per container up to a maximum of $1000.00 per B/L. This fee will only be assessed if documents are submitted to Zim after the documentation cut off or if the submitted documents do not include a valid ITN number or exemption statement.


Any B/L received after 12:00 PM (Noon EST) on the date of documentation cut – off will be subject to being rolled to the next available vessel. All rolled cargo is subject to Export Demurrage and any Customs Penalties which will be charged to the account of the cargo. All rolled cargo may be subject to terminal roll / handling fees.


Shipping instructions Must include at a minimum:


  • Shipper
  • Consignee with contact details
  • ITN #(or exemption statement)
    Service Contract or Quote Number
  • Port of Discharge Container Number(s)
    Seal Number
  • Commodity Description
  • Piece Count
  • Weight


Please note the following means of submitting shipping instructions to Zim:


Email: exportdoc@us.zim.com

Online via GT Nexus: GTNEXUS.COM

Fax: 866-696-3582


When using email options, the relevant booking number(s) and company name MUST be indicated on the subject line of the email.


Any B/L sent to another fax # or email address will not be considered received by Zim Export Documentation.


If you have any questions, please contact your local Zim sales representative or contact Customer Service at 866-744-7046. We appreciate your continued support. Thank you for being a valued customer of Zim.